Telsa CRM

Track Your All business Leads

We have made it easier for you to collect customer data all in one place.

Our software can help manage your customer data, campaigns, and projects with your team members.

Using our CRM, you can increase sales and provide a better platform to communicate with your team members.

Save Time.

Improve Your Outreach Process.

Overcoming the challenge of making a true connection starts with knowing your customer – their correct phone number, email and social data.

Access the data you need to connect with your prospects via social networks, the web, in Salesforce or via API.

Leads Management

Your Leads On Your Finger Tips

We provide you all information about your leads like contact-inquiry and provides the most up-to-date contact information, in full compliance with the required data regulations

Services We Provides

Campaign Builder

Create beautiful email campaigns just by drag and drop. Customize designs, content, images, social media links and videos.

Create Custom Fields

Create your custom field or use our already made fields for your lead generation forms. All in one customisation Combo.

Email Marketing

Increase sales by sending each lead a hand-crafted email campaign, at scale. Stop sending the same email to a bunch of traditional email lists

Live Chat

Add a script onto your website to display a chat box widget. Communicate with your customers and build better relationships to help them succeed.

Project Management

Manage projects with deadlines, assign tasks to team members, check activity logs for projects and communicate with team members.

Lead Management

Create lead generation forms. Place our embedded code into your website, and the lead form will display in your website.

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